About Matt

Howdy, I’m Matt and welcome to my site Mowing With Matt. 

I am a self confessed lawn mowing nut/lawn care enthusiast and there is nothing more I love to do than keeping my lawn in tip top condition. 

On a Saturday afternoon, you’ll find me on my riding mower, cutting the grass to 2 and a 1/2 inches tall and then once I’ve gone around all the edges with my string trimmer,  I like to sit back on the porch with a beer and admire my handy work. 

There is nothing better.

Looking after your yard and keeping your grass in top condition should be simple. All you need is the right lawn mower, string trimmer and lawn care products to suit the grass and your yard. 

Over the years I have learnt plenty about lawn maintenance. 


Lawn Mower Expert
Matt trying out his buddys mower

All of my buddies regularly ask me how I get my grass looking so good and what types of new lawn machinery are in my shed. I love being able to talk all things “lawn mowers.”‘

You too can consider me your "Lawn Mowing Buddy"

If you want to find the best lawn mowers for your own backyard or your commercial mowing business, I can help.

If you want to learn all about lawn maintenance and keeping your grass green, healthy and weed free, I can help with that too. 

Here at Mowing with Matt, countless hours are spent researching and comparing the best lawn machinery products on the market and then cross checking these with the best product reviews on sites such as Amazon and Home Depot. 

We have put in all the hard work into our buying guides to make it easy for you to choose the right lawn machinery product to suit your needs. In particular you may like these informative buying guides:

Not only am I writing buying guides, but I am continuously researching and comparing the best lawn care techniques. Check out our blog section and learn about all things to do with lawn care so that your yard will be the envy of your neighborhood. 

In every article I post here on Mowing with Matt, you will find we include helpful information such as buying guides to make it easy to sort through all the features and work out which product is right for you. 

All the information you find here on Mowing with Matt is free and always will be. 

I’m pretty darn happy to be able to share my lawn care knowledge with you. You will not find any subscription services or “VIP” locked content on here. I give you my honest opinion and everyone who comes to my site has access to all the articles I write. I believe lawn care knowledge should be shared and this way everyone benefits from the best green turf you can have.

To help keep me mowing along and able to continually add more awesome articles to Mowing with Matt, I may receive a small commission, if you click through one of the product links and end up buying it. This does not affect the price at all. 

Everything I recommend can be purchased through Amazon or Home Depot  both are two of America’s most trusted stores and have great returns policies. (not to mention my favorite places to shop and I’m not the type of guy who likes to shop…) 

Thanks for reading through to the end, if you have any burning questions as to which product you should buy or articles I should be adding to the site, please contact me by going to the Contact Us page or clicking here

Or, if you too are a lawn care enthusiast, and wanting to collaborate and contribute to Mowing with Matt, let me know!

Now, its Saturday afternoon as I write this, time to get on my riding mower……


Matt the Mower

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